Video At 'Occupy SD' Shows Dog Chewing On American Flag

Video Entitled 'Best Use Of Old Glory To Date' Posted On YouTube

A video filmed at "Occupy San Diego" that shows a dog chewing on what appears to be the American flag received mixed reactions from protesters on Tuesday.

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The video was posted on YouTube on Monday by someone at "Occupy San Diego." It shows a man letting a dog chew on what appears to be an American flag and laughing about it. The video is entitled, "Best Use Of Old Glory To Date."

10News asked other "Occupy San Diego" protesters what they thought about the video.

"I don't really see anything wrong with it," said protester Jacky Wadhams. "I guess to me it's just a piece of cloth."

Protester Felix Plaza told 10News, "I think it's wrong."

Plaza is from Puerto Rico and respects what the United States has done for him.

Alizabeth Maas said, "[The flag] doesn't represent very much anymore."

"What would you say to those who have gone to war and have fought for your freedom to be here tonight?" asked 10News reporter Itica Milanes.

"They shouldn't be supporting a war," answered Maas.

Protester Will Johnson told 10News, "It's certainly in bad taste in my opinion… I would probably talk to them about it. I'm an Eagle Scout. We respect the American flag."

Most of those commenting on the video on YouTube were outraged.

"You are not 99 percent of anything except the dumbest drones in our society," said one commenter on YouTube.

Another commenter said, "Although it's your right, just be glad I wasn't standing there when it happened... or you would be begging for a government handout to buy some dentures."

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