Victims sue Ford Motor Company for fiery crash near Bishop that killed 4, injured 15

Claim safety system should have been standard

SAN DIEGO - Thirteen lawsuits have been filed in the wake of a late-night crash on a mountain road near Bishop, Calif. in 2010. 

Four graduates of Cathedral Catholic High School were in a Ford Expedition that overturned and slammed into a van filled with students from California Baptist University. The fiery crash left four people dead and 15 injured.

Now, lawsuits are seeking damages from the Ford Motor Company. The suits claim safety was compromised because a computer system was not included in the standard equipment package.

San Diego attorney Craig McClellan is representing the family of Amanda Post, who was among those killed in the crash.

"Just like seatbelts are there to protect people in foreseeable collisions, electronic stability control is a terrific invention," said McClellan. "It's there to protect people when they do lose control for whatever reason."

He said Ford wanted bigger profits for its AdvanceTrac system.

"Ford considered whether to put it on this vehicle as standard equipment, actually did a marketing study, determined that it would make $36 million in profit if it offered it as an option and less than $500,000 if it made it as standard equipment," said McClellan.

An attorney for Ford contacted by 10News has not commented on the suits but an outside attorney viewed the arguments for 10News.

Attorney Gene Iredale said, "When it comes to a safe car, I don't think the law allows the company to skimp or to say, 'We're going to charge you extra to make this car reasonably safe to drive.'"

None of the victims or their families are talking.

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