Veterans tribute in Ocean Beach in disrepair

Effort to redesign, build new one under way

SAN DIEGO - The Ocean Beach community is looking to correct the mistakes made to a memorial meant to honor its military veterans.

Residents wanted to do something to honor its veterans, and in 1997, a memorial was dedicated at the foot of Newport Avenue.

"It probably wasn't the best spot for it," said Stephen Grosch, with the Community Development Board.

Through the years, Veteran's Plaza's concrete circles with names of veterans etched into them have been eaten away.

"The sand that comes up from the beach and people walking on the memorial has acted like sandpaper," Grosch said.

With seed money from County Supervisor Ron Robert's office, the design phase is under way.

Money to pay for the project, estimated to be over $250,000, is another story. The goal is to move the memorial west toward the lifeguard tower and place it on the grass.

"That way it's not subject to foot traffic and we would also elevate the names so they wouldn't get worn down," said Grosch.

Among the veterans whose names grace Veteran's Plaza is John Finn, the San Diego native who earned the Medal of Honor in World War II. Finn died at age 100 in 2010.

The next community meeting to see the design phase is scheduled for April 30.

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