Veteran firefighter crashes plane into home where he lived a decade ago

No one was home at time of crash

The pilot who survived a crash into a home near Denver used to live in the house but so far the connection seems to be a coincidence.
Brian Veatch told KMGH-TV that he didn't realize the house he hit Monday was the same one he used to live in a decade ago until someone pointed it out.
The man who hired Veatch to fly an advertising banner Monday, Tom Mace, says the veteran firefighter crashed upside down and didn't realize it was his old house. He says Veatch doesn't know the young couple who lives there now.
No one was home at the time of the crash.
Police said it looked like Veatch was trying to land in a field near the house.
Veatch is already back at work at the fire house but declined to be interviewed.
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