Vehicle down canyon in East County after crash on I-8 bridge over Pine Valley Canyon

PINE VALLEY, Calif. - One vehicle plummeted at least 350 feet into a deep canyon in East County on Saturday, after a collision on Interstate 8's bridge over Pine Valley Canyon.

Details were scarce about the crash, which occurred at about 10:30 a.m. on westbound Interstate 8 just south of the town of Pine Valley, 45 miles east of San Diego. One person was reported with minor injuries.

One of the two vehicles had apparently went out of control before both went into the chasm, according to CHP officers at the scene. It was not clear if the vehicles went off the high bridge itself, or if they went off the roadway as it parallels the canyon approaching the structure.

About 30 vehicles were stopped at the bridge following the crash, the CHP said.

Tow trucks were called to remove the wrecked vehicles, the CHP said.

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