Valley Center man says pack of dogs killed 3 of his goats

Eric Carlson says bullmastiffs hopped over pen

VALLEY CENTER, Calif. - A Valley Center man told 10News on Monday he is concerned that a pack of dogs that killed some of his animals remains on the loose.

Eric Carlson has a five-acre plot in Valley Center and more than 20 goats. However, he now has three less goats than he had this weekend.

"Three of them in one of our pens were being attacked by these three dogs," said Carlson. "The third dog was in the process of coming over the fence."

He says three bullmastiffs killed three of his goats.

"We went further up the property and to another pen that we have three goats in. Those three were dead," he said.

The fences of the goats' pen were about 4-feet high and the dogs had no problem making it over. The Carlsons snapped photos of large paw prints in the dirt but have not seen the dogs since.

The goats have been moved into a more secure area with a guard dog of their own. However, the Carlsons are nervous. The attack cost them nearly $1,000.

"If they figure out how to dig under our fence, they could still cause more trouble obviously," said Carlson.

The Carlsons contacted the county's Department of Animal Services, but there is not much anyone can do until the dogs are found.

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