USS Cowpens takes part in typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines

Crew delivers supplies following Typhoon Haiyan

New photos reveal the Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts by the San Diego-based USS Cowpens in the Philippines.

One photo shows a rare shot of gleeful typhoon victims as supplies from the ship were passed out to children. The supplies have been constant since the USS Cowpens arrived late last week.

Boxes and boxes were sent to the hardest hit areas worried more about hunger and illness than the job of rebuilding, with a death toll in the thousands and many areas yet to be searched.

In another photo, a smiling man is seen being handed a box of supplies, with stripped trees and the debris of a destroyed village behind him.

Another photo shows a man running up to the helicopter and reaching for supplies even before the propellers stop moving, whipping back his hair and the grass as he waves for help.

As the supplies continue to roll in, many areas are still too remote and devastated to be reached.

The Navy has also called on a hospital ship based in San Diego, the USNS Mercy. The crew is prepping the ship and waiting on orders to deploy to the Philippines.

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