USD student arrested after police say he threw eggs at officers

SAN DIEGO - A University of San Diego student is in trouble with the law after police say he threw eggs at a parking enforcement officer.

San Diego police tell 10News that a parking enforcement officer was writing a ticket for a truck that was illegally parked on Mildred Street when 20-year-old Lorin Moll began throwing eggs at the officer. The truck did not belong to him.

One of the eggs hit the female officer, so she called for backup. When a police lieutenant responded, 10News was told he began to throw eggs at her too. Additional backup was then called in.

Officers went inside and arrested Moll. Outside and barefoot on the sidewalk, he was overheard telling officers that he had to go to class.

“I don’t have time for this. I have school to do today,” he said to the arresting officer. “I have school. That’s more important.”

USD confirmed to 10News that Moll is a student.

“There was more than one egg thrown, which is against the law obviously to assault anybody with an egg, let alone a parking enforcement officer,” said San Diego police Sgt. Robert Schenkelberg, who was at the scene. 

He added, “You’re assaulting someone who has a badge. We take that very seriously.”

Officers led Moll to the back of a patrol car and then to jail where he was booked on five counts of misdemeanor assault on a peace officer. He is being held on $5,000 bail and is scheduled to face a judge on Wednesday.

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