U.S. Coast Guard intercepts 31 bales of marijuana after high-speed chase on the ocean

Video shows chase involving suspected smugglers

SAN DIEGO - The U.S. Coast Guard apprehended two suspected drug smugglers and seized more than two dozen bales of marijuana after a high-speed chase on the ocean.

The chase occurred Saturday 90 miles southwest of San Diego.

Video shows the Coast Guard intercepting suspected drug smugglers. In the suspected smugglers' boat, 31 bales of marijuana were covered with a large green-looking tarp.

The Coast Guard crew was aboard a 45-foot response boat which quickly closes in on them.

Once the response boat catches up with the suspected smugglers' boat, the chase intensifies. For the next 20 seconds, the two boats are side-by-side at top speeds.        

Moments later, as three Coast Guard crew members come up to the boat, the two people in the smaller boat put their hands behind their heads.

The two now sit in jail awaiting their appearance in front of a federal judge.

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