University of Missouri students prepare holiday meal for USS Boxer crew

Effort part of Adopt-A-Ship program

SAN DIEGO - On board the amphibious assault ship USS Boxer, culinary students from the University of Missouri have been living and working on the ship for the past week as their way of saying thanks.

"These sailors are out there every single day risking their lives and protecting our country, and it's just a little thing we can do to help out," said student Jay Nettesheim.

Students have been working alongside culinary specialists in the ship's galley all week, but admittedly it's the Thanksgiving holiday that is the main event.

"We are preparing thirteen 25-pound turkeys, 180 pounds of prime rib and 100 pounds of ham, plus all the fixings that go with it," said University of Missouri executive chef Leslie Jett.

For many of the students, it's their first time on a Navy warship, but when you're working in the galley; Missouri student Bed Voder told 10News, "The biggest thing for me is getting used to not having windows, you can't tell if it's sunny out or what; that's the biggest thing for me."

"It's great to see these guys on board; the talents they bring [are] outstanding and the food they have been preparing has been wonderful," said Jarrod Schwartz, a USS Boxer sailor.

This is the sixth time Missouri students have taken part in the Adopt-A-Ship program, which is organized through the Navy's Supply System's Command.

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