Unified Port of San Diego wants to add to Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal by subtracting buildings

EIR in the works for marine terminal plan

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - The Unified Port of San Diego wants to expand its Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal by tearing down two gigantic buildings.

The buildings line the docks on San Diego Bay. Maritime Operations Program Manager Aimee Heim said workers unload cargo from ships and then waste time and energy moving the cargo around the buildings. 

Heim said the Port has proposed tearing the buildings down and using the footprint to store more cold-storage containers and over-sized cargo.

“We do things that are high, wide, and heavy; stuff that doesn’t fit well in standard containers,” said Heim.

Those items and the standard shipping containers do not fit in the two existing buildings. Heim said tearing them down would allow the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal to handle even more shipping. She said that would mean more jobs and even more money coming in to the local economy.

Right now, the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal and the National City Marine Terminal generate about $3.5 billion for the region. Heim couldn’t predict how much it would jump if the Port’s plan was approved by the board.

An Environmental Impact Report is expected to be completed this year. If it is approved, the buildings could be demolished beginning next year.

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