Yarnell Hill Fire: Couple finds wedding ring amidst rubble of their charred home

YARNELL, Ariz. - One family whose home was destroyed in the Yarnell Hills Fire found precious memorabilia amidst the rubble.

Larry McCracken thought the wedding ring he gave his wife Patti was lost in the charred remains of their home. But tragedy quickly turned into joy after his daughter found the ring.

Now safely back on Patti's finger, the ring now symbolizes a new beginning.

After finding the ring, McCracken got on his knee and asked his wife of almost 50 years to remarry him.

"I went up to my wife and kneeled and asked her if she'd marry me again," McCracken told CNN.

McCracken also discovered that an American flag that used to fly at his grandmother's home was also intact.

The Yarnell Fire, which killed 19 firefighters, consumed more than 8,400 acres and is now 100 percent contained.

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