Witnesses, passengers recall Asiana Airlines crash-landing at San Francisco International Airport

SAN FRANCISCO - As Asiana Airlines Flight 214 approached the runway from the waters of San Francisco Bay around noon Saturday, travelers in the terminals at San Francisco International Airport and other eyewitnesses could see the aircraft was swaying unusually from side to side -- and that at one point, the tail seemed to hit the ground before breaking off.

Kate Belding, who was jogging a few miles away, said she thought: "Oh my God. That plane is crashing."

Vedpal Singh was sitting in the middle of the aircraft and survived the crash with his family, but said there was no forewarning from the pilot or any crew members before the plane touched down hard and he heard a loud sound.

He said, "We knew something was horribly wrong." Singh suffered a fractured collarbone and had his arm in a sling. "It's miraculous we survived," he added.

Passenger Benjamin Levy said, "Everybody was screaming" in the first seconds after the crash-landing. He tried to restore calm, telling his fellow passengers, "stop screaming, help each other out, don't push."

Another survivor of the crash says she could feel the plane's tail hit the ground and walked onto the tarmac with her injured son through a hole that opened up in the aircraft.

Thirty-four-year-old Wen Zhang said outside San Francisco General Hospital on Sunday that the hole was near where the bathroom used to be. She said she had no time to be scared, though baggage was falling around her, people were screaming and the window in her aisle had broken.

Her 4-year-old son hit the seat in front of him and broke his leg. She was unhurt.

The Asiana Airlines crash while it was landing Saturday left two dead and dozens injured.

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