VIDEO: Look inside the deadly Florida sinkhole

SEFFNER, Fla. - Officials in Florida released video Tuesday looking inside the sinkhole that swallowed and took the life of man on February 28.

The video shows the view from a camera, looking down into the middle of the hole which formed in the bedroom of 37-year-old Jeff Bush.

The video was shot the day after Bush fell into the sinkhole. It was taken by firefighters using a contractor's equipment. because of safety concerns, they stood outside the hole and used a camera on a pole to look inside.

Some estimates are that the hole was 60 feet deep.

In the video, there are glimpses of an orange cord. There was a listening device on the end of that cord. It was used to listen for Bush.

Officials said the sinkhole eventually caved in more, covering that orange cord and the listening device.

The home occupied by Bush and his family at 240 Faithway Drive was deemed uninhabitable.  The structure was torn down and the sinkhole filled in.

This week, neighbors who lived next to Bush learned they are also losing their homes, according to the Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners.

Two families, one at 238 Faithway and one at 242 Faithway, were asked to leave their homes so the properties could be examined due to the threat of continued sinkhole activity.

Geophysical tests have determined that the grounds were unstable and subsidence (sinkhole) activity was detected in the soil at both homes.

The remediation cost estimates would exceed 50 percent of both homes’ values after repair, and this qualified the properties as being fit for condemnation.

If the owners want to return to their homes to retrieve personal belongings, the board says engineering consultants suggest the residents arrange for a third-party engineer to determine if any further ground movement is detected.

Watch the raw video footage from the Associated Press. Mobile users click here:

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