'Team Tampon Tailgate' protests NFL bag policy; rule only allows small clear bags into stadiums

CLEVELAND - Team Tampon Tailgate is protesting the NFL’s new purse policy that only allows clear bags no larger than 12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches into stadiums.

TTT is the brainchild of Jen Verrillo, a blogger and NFL fan who is none too happy with the purse policy, WEWS-TV reported. 

“Do you feel safer knowing who has a tampon stash? Are you terrified that under-appreciated soccer moms are secretly terrorists? My guess is no,” Verrillo snarkily wrote on Facebook .

She also posted, "Do you love carrying your unmentionables is plastic sandwich bags like a hobo? No... you don't? Well, neither do I! Let's get together and let Roger know how we feel."

Sunday, the tampon team took its territory outside the Cleveland Browns game with Ziploc bags held together by orange tape on their shoulders and picket signs in hand.

"I feel much safer (knowing about your tampons)," read a sign held up by Christian Dela Vega. 
Other signs said "1...2...3...4...Tampons do not start a war," and a double-sided piece reading "Am I supposed to put my wallet and keys in my....uterus?!"

In her open letter to Commissioner Roger Goodell on her blog, Verrillo sports tampon-concealing earrings, a tampon necklace and keychain. She said she has not received a response from the NFL or Goodell.

"I honestly feel like we’re dating ‘cause he ignores me," Verrillo said about Goodell. "He doesn’t give me the attention I deserve."

Goodell may not be answering back but bagmaker Ziploc has.

"Ziploc sent me a message the other day telling me they saw it on the news and they thought it was the most creative thing ever and they were sending me a goodie bag," Verrillo said.

Verrillo acknowledges her "protest" is all in good fun and others have caught on to that too. 
But it does raise the question - has feminine hygiene ever been this fashionable?

"I don't think you can say yes to that," Verillo said. 

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