Student-teacher fight caught on video

Student arrested, teacher on paid leave

A wild fight that erupted between a freshman student and her teacher at a Stockton high school is under investigation.

In cellphone video of the incident at Cesar Chavez High School, the teacher is seen confiscating the student's makeup because she was applying it in class.

The student then used her cellphone in class to call her mom, but the teacher then confiscated the phone.

The video then shows the student and teacher getting into a shouting and shoving match.

The student, 15-year-old Marlina Martinez, said she should have not confronted the teacher.

"I know I did wrong by going up to her, trying to get my stuff, but from the get-go she should've just went to go push that button," Martinez said.

Martinez and her teacher eventually wound up on the classroom floor as other students tried to pull them apart.

The student was arrested and the teacher was placed on paid administrative leave.

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