Sheriffs never saw menacing videos before rampage

GOLETA, Calif. - The Internet videos posted by Elliot Rodger are filled with threats and bitterness, but sheriff's deputies didn't become aware of them until it was too late.
Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Kelly Hoover says the agency "was not aware of any videos" until after Rodger went on beach-town rampage that left six dead and 13 wounded.
Authorities believe the 22-year-old died of a self-inflicted gunshot.
A Rodger family attorney says they called police after being alarmed by videos "regarding suicide and the killing of people" that Rodger had posted.
Deputies visited Rodger last month after being alerted by local health officials, who had been in touch with the family. They concluded he posed no threat. It's not clear why the sheriffs did not see the videos.

In one video, the 22 year-old explores Southern California by himself and seems very troubled that no one is with him.

10News showed the videos to a forensic psychologist who says Rodger has a classic case of what he calls "deselected male syndrome."

"He's not edgy," said Dr. Anthony Napoleon. "He's not an alpha male. He's too articulate. He's too nice. He cares too much. He wants them so much."

Napoleon says those feelings, combined with Rodger's built up anger are evident in a video the suspected shooter posted prior to the deadly shooting.

Rodger explains how he has been rejected for the last eight years of his life and shares his plan to get revenge by slaughtering young women.

Napoleon says Rodger's inability to rationalize and filter his feelings were key factors in the shooting rampage.

"If you mix that anger with a certain personality type and the ability to not feel, than you have the recipe for yet another shooting," he said.

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