San Francisco to be transformed into Gotham City of 5-year-old cancer patient

SAN FRANCISCO - A little boy who has life-threatening leukemia will get his wish.

Five-year-old Miles told the Make-A-Wish Foundation Bay Area that he wanted to be Batman.

On Nov. 15, thousands of volunteers will help turn San Francisco into Gotham City so that Miles can have his wish.

Miles will get a call from the police chief and jump into a Batmobile, with the help of an adult Batman, to defend the city from enemies.

First, he'll save a damsel in distress on the cable car tracks. Later, Batkid will capture the "Puzzler," who will be robbing a vault in downtown.

Batkid will be given other heroic missions and the day will end at city hall where Miles will be given a key to the city.

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