Racial episodes shake Ohio's Oberlin college

Racist graffiti seen on campus recently

OBERLIN, Ohio - Classes have resumed at Oberlin College in Ohio, but some students are still uneasy about the racially offensive graffiti that was found there recently -- and Monday's report of someone wearing what looked like a Klan-type hooded robe on campus.

Students at the historically liberal school -- one of the first universities in the United States to admit blacks -- marched on campus yesterday and met with professors to talk about mutual respect.

One black student from Georgia says she feels "uncomfortable walking alone anywhere" after the incidents. She says she became upset after hearing a few white students suggest that the racist graffiti that was found a month ago -- and the anti-Semitic and racist fliers that were left around campus since then -- were just a prank to get out of classes.

Oberlin began admitting blacks nearly 180 years ago. It remains a liberal oasis in the middle of northern Ohio, surrounded by conservative farming towns and rust belt cities.

Notable recent alumni include Lena Dunham, creator of the HBO series "Girls." In a tweet yesterday, she urged students to remember the school's "inclusive" history, and to "protect each other."

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