Police: Las Vegas shooters heavily armed, wore adult diapers

LAS VEGAS - A man and woman who killed two Las Vegas police officers and a Walmart shopper before they died in a store shootout earlier this month were heavily armed and carried ammunition including armor-piercing bullets.

Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie also said Monday that the couple killed June 8 after a 15-minute exchange of gunfire with SWAT officers smashed a Walmart sporting-goods display case to get more ammunition before being cornered in the back of the store.

Gillespie says Jerad and Amanda Miller had four handguns, a shotgun, water and food. They were also wearing adult diapers.

The sheriff says 52 shots were fired by the Millers and officers before the couple died.

Jerad Miller was fatally wounded in the chest, and his wife was wounded and then killed herself.

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