Man receives $60K in water bills

A man said the City of Dallas charged him tens of thousands of dollars in a water bill not just once but twice.

According to ABC News, Tom Hoffman's family was charged nearly $67,000 – an amount of water that would fill up five water towers and 15 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The City of Dallas issued the massive bill to Hoffman twice.

Hoffman said the first time it happened, the charge froze his bank accounts because he was using direct deposit. He said for two days, he wasn't able to use credit or ATM cards.

The city eventually fixed the problem, but Hoffman was shocked when he received a second massive bill.

Hoffman told ABC New, he wondered how the same problem kept happening.

City officials said the problem stemmed from a broken meter. They said the meter has been replaced and are in the process of correcting the bill.

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