Coroner: Liquor bottle seized during Sam DuBose traffic stop was air freshener

CINCINNATI - The bottle Sam DuBose handed former University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing before the officer shot and killed him contained air freshener and not gin, despite what its label suggested, Hamilton County Coroner Lakshmi Sammarco said.

A sealed specimen of the liquid, which was in a bottle labeled Barton’s gin, was “consistent with compounds commonly found in fragrance products such as air fresheners and perfumes,” Sammarco said Monday afternoon.

The liquid tested negative for ethyl alcohol, the coroner said.

WATCH: Body camera video released in Sam DuBose shooting

In an initial report released by police, Tensing said DuBose "produced an alcohol bottle" from his vehicle. The initial report also indicated DuBose dragged Tensing alongside his car in the seconds leading up to the fatal gunshot.

DuBose’s family quickly went on record denying the account, questioning officers’ statements that DuBose had put Tensing’s life in danger.

“I will work to clear your name today,” DuBose’s mother Audrey wrote in the program at DuBose’s funeral.

The incident report, which came under sharp criticism following the release of Tensing’s body camera video, did not indicate specifically whether officers suspected DuBose was intoxicated at the time. Sammarco has not released any post-mortem toxicology data.

In Tensing’s body camera video, Tensing is heard asking DuBose about the bottle. DuBose can be heard telling Tensing the bottle contains "air freshener."

Tensing quickly set the bottle aside to continue questioning DuBose about his driver’s license.


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