Jodi Arias trial verdict: What if she's acquitted?

Jury currently deliberating

PHOENIX - If Jodi Arias is acquitted of murdering Travis Alexander, she can expect a seven-figure offer for either a book and/or movie deal, according to attorney David Cook.

Cook, on behalf of the victims' families, successfully sued O.J. Simpson for millions of dollars following the football star’s not guilty verdict of two murder charges.

“[Arias] can even expect a deal for, are you ready for this, a clothing line,” said Cook via telephone from his California office. "There are people who are lined up with packages at this moment."

Although he is not involved in the Arias case in anyway, Cook told ABC15 he would not be surprised if the family of Travis Alexander, the victim, has not already prepared a civil lawsuit against Arias.

Cook believes a civil lawsuit, if victorious, could prevent Arias from profiting from the crimes if she’s found not guilty during the criminal trial.

“Justice is money and money is justice,” said Cook.

Cook said he does not expect the jurors to come to a unanimous decision and thus, he is predicting a hung jury.

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