Federal regulators say 2 different problems caused recent incidents on Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner

Report could delay return to air

Federal regulators blame two different problems for recent incidents on Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner.

Two incidents were blamed on the plane's lithium battery.

One of those lithium batteries was completely charred by a corrosive fluid leak.

Last week we even saw passengers on one plane sliding down emergency chutes after smelling smoke in mid- air.

And recently there was a fire on a plane in Boston.

Overnight Saturday, The National Transportation Safety Board revealed not all of these problems have been the same.  In one case the battery was overcharged.  In another case it was not.

In other words: the investigation is becoming a lot more complex than expected, which will likely delay the Dreamliner's return to the air.

But there's a bigger picture here: The complexity of this problem is also raising questions about whether the FAA is equipped to oversee such sophisticated technology.

The FAA failed to detect these problems in its original inspection process.