Dozens send pizza to 2-year-old girl with cancer: Hazel Hammersly's family put message on window

Hazel being treated with neuroblastoma

LOS ANGELES - Dozens are showing their love and support for a little girl battling cancer by sending her boxes of pizza.

Two-year-old Hazel Hammersley suffers from neuroblastoma and has been getting chemotherapy for three months in a Los Angeles Hospital.

Her mom and grandmother wanted to cheer her up and so they came up with a plan and put up a sign on Hazel's hospital window that said 'Send Pizza Rm. 4112.'

There were initially no takers, but once a photo of the window got posted on Reddit, dozens of pizza poured boxes poured in.

"She woke up from her nap to the tons of pizza in a room and she thought it was great, she ended up having three slices and had a party for all of her friends and there was music playing, she had a great time," Hazel's mother told CNN.

She said she's grateful for the outpouring of support and hopes her daughter's story will spread awareness about  childhood cancers, according to CNN.

CNN said doctors plan to perform a surgery to remove the stage 3 mass wrapped around Hazel's adrenal gland.