Daily Show's John Oliver slams San Diego Mayor Bob Filner

'Eww-O-Meter' used to measure claims

SAN DIEGO - The jokes keep coming when it comes to the sex harassment scandal surrounding San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

Wednesday night, it was Daily Show interim host John Oliver's turn to take a swing at the embattled mayor.

Oliver starts the segment talking about New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner who is immersed in his own scandal.

But Oliver says, "please know it's not like we don't care about other city's elected perverts too."

The comedian then turns his attention to Filner.

The show played clips of several women describing the types of alleged harassment they endured from Filner and then measured each claim using an "Eww-O-Meter,". A total of eight women have publicly spoken against the mayor.

By the last allegation, the meter broke.

"He broke the Eww-O-Meter!" exclaimed Oliver.

The show also played clips of Filner speaking to the media.

But Oliver would not have any of it.

"Never smile ever again," said Oliver of Filner. "... This man is revolting."

Watch the entire segment below:


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