Controversial SnoreStop billboard coming to San Diego

SAN DIEGO - A billboard for a snoring cure is causing a stir online.

The billboard shows American soldier Paul Evans hugging a Muslim woman wearing a burqa and has the words "Be Together."

The ad is for an anti-snoring spray called SnoreStop, made by Green Pharmaceuticals.

Many are criticizing the ad online, and others have said they don't see the connection between the product and the ad.

"It's unique, it's different," San Diegan Marianna Morales said of the billboard.

"I like it … It's kind of different and really cool to see that," added Kiki McMackins.

"As a snoring solution company, we're in the business of keeping people together," said Melody Devemark, spokeswoman and member of the family that owns the Camarillo, California-based company, in a press release. "So we found the most polarized couple and thought: 'If we can keep them together, we can keep anybody together.'"

The company said the ad is inspired by a real life couple -- veteran Jamie Sutton and his wife Aleah, who is Muslim.

"We realize that it's likely to be controversial," Devemark said in the press release. "But our family thinks it's a beautiful story and we feel honored to be able to share it with others."

The company's Facebook page has received messages like, "For some people it's just too soon. The tragedy of 9/11 is still fresh in people's minds and now we're being told we have to accept the enemy being a part of our lives and culture."

Another message said, "It's a wonderful message. It's time to stop labeling people because of their nationality."

The company said Evans knows the couple personally, and he also serves in the military and jumped at the opportunity to be part of this campaign.

"You know, as soldiers, that's really what we fight for right there; I mean, we just want our freedoms, we just want that equality," said Evans.

"Love is love, and we just want to show more diverse couples because we feel that really don't have a voice in advertising," said Devemark.

Devemark told 10News, "Our product, SnoreStop, is for couples. Snoring does have an effect on intimacy in a relationship."

The billboard is coming to an undisclosed San Diego location in mid-November. Its presence has stopped traffic in Los Angeles, 10News learned.

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