Conservative Lutheran group reprimands Newtown, Conn., pastor over interfaith vigil after Sandy Hook

The Rev. Rob Morris scolded for vigil

NEW YORK - A conservative Lutheran group is reprimanding its pastor in Newtown, Conn., for participating in an interfaith vigil after the Sandy Hook massacre.

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod says the Rev. Rob Morris inadvertently gave the impression that he was involved in joint worship with clergy from other religions.

The denomination bars clergy from praying with representatives from other religions, including some other Lutheran groups, for fear of giving the appearance that theological differences about salvation and other doctrines don't matter.

The church says Morris has apologized for taking part in the Dec. 16th event, which included Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other leaders. President Barack Obama and Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy attended.

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod reprimanded another pastor in 2001 who took part in an interfaith vigil after the Sept. 11 attacks.

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