'Chane,' 'Pothole Robin Hood' in Mississippi fills holes on streets near his home

Chane spray paints 'citizen fixed' on roads

JACKSON, Miss. - A Mississippi man is taking to the streets to lead a crusade against the frustration of potholes.

The man, who only wanted to be identified as Chane, considers himself the Robin Hood of the roads.

Chane said he finds potholes in the area, fixes them and then spray paints the words "citizen fixed" on the street.

Neighbors said they're excited about something finally being done about the problem. Chane said he and his girlfriend have filled about 55 potholes since Memorial Day.

He ultimately hopes to inspire a trend so that others will continue his work.

"We decided, 'Let's just keep going. Let's make it a goal of 100 potholes,' and so the revolution idea of it is to get other people to do it behind us," Chane said.

Chane said he steals the asphalt from the city, so his only costs are gas and spray paint, totaling about $40 so far.

Chane has kept a log of his mileage and receipts and plans to send a bill to the city for his work in the next week.

"It's not hard. It probably won't last forever, but if I can have one less pothole to ride through in my vehicle, it would be awesome," Chane said.

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