Bay Area company The Drop Spot looks to take risk out of buying, selling on Craigslist

Service to begin in February

A Bay Area company is trying to take the risk out of buying something on Craigslist.

The start-up company The Drop Spot will provide a bodyguard and product testing for Craigslist buyers.

On The Drop Spot website, the company says, "We specialize in device quality assurance and providing a safe buy and sell environment."

For $15, a "drop agent" will meet parties at a designated meeting site to make sure a transaction occurs without any problems.

For $25, the agent will test the product and provide a warranty.

The company says, "Craigslist is a Wonderful service that connects people together and also helps them save money. Unfortunately there are often people that ruin the experience for everyone else. There are thousands of documented cases of the potential buyer/seller robbing or causing bodily harm to victims that think they are walking into a simple Craigslist interaction."

The San Leandro-based company will be and running next month.

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