Asiana Airlines president apologizes for crash-landing that killed 2, injured 182

SEOUL, South Korea - The president of Asiana Airlines says it will take time to determine the cause of the crash-landing in San Francisco that killed two passengers and injured 182 others, but he offered an apology within hours.

During a televised news conference in Seoul, airline President Yoon Young-doo bowed and said: "I am bowing my head and extending my deep apology" to the passengers, their families and the South Korean people over the crash.

Four pilots were aboard the plane and they rotated on a two-person shift during the flight, according to The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in South Korea. The two at the controls at the time of crash were Lee Jeong-min and Lee Gang-guk.

Yoon Young-doo described the pilots as "skilled," saying three had logged more than 10,000 hours each of flight time, while the fourth had put in almost that much time.

All four are South Koreans.

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