TV reporter gets caught in gun battle between Christopher Dorner, San Bernardino sheriff's deputies


A TV reporter was caught in the gun battle between San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputies and Christopher Dorner, who was holed up in a Big Bear cabin that eventually burned to the ground.

"They're in a gun battle," said CBS2/ KCAL9 reporter Carter Evans. "This felt like a military operation. I mean, it wasn't just one or two or three or four shots. It was hundreds of shots in rapid succession."

Evans told "Inside Edition" he just happened to get stuck in the action with his photographer, who captured incredible shot after incredible shot, including one of a deputy lobbing a smoke grenade at the cabin Dorner was holed up in to provide cover for his comrades as they came under heavy fire.

"You could hear the exchange of gunfire but at occasions you could also hear the bullets whizzing past the camera as well and I think that's the moment I noticed we were really in a dangerous situation," Evans said.

Evans and his photographer are lucky they survived.

"Officers were asking me yesterday, 'How did you end up here?' I said, 'I guess I was just at the right place, right time' and one of them told me, 'If you'd have been about 10 feet further up it would have been wrong place, wrong time,'" he said.

Evans said during the gun battle, a San Bernardino County sheriff's deputy did come up and provide him and his photographer cover and helped them fall back a couple of cars and get into a safer area.

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