TV Ad Calls To Keep San Onofre Reactors Shut Down

Ad Campaign Created By Environmental Group Friends Of The Earth

An environmental group has launched a new television ad campaign that aims to shut down the reactors at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station for good.

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The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station remains shut down more than two months after the plant began experiencing problems with its steam generator tubes. But as Southern California Edison – the utility that operates the plant – works to bring it back online, others are doing what they can to keep it closed.

The Friends of the Earth group rolled out a television ad targeting the nuclear plant in San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange counties on Monday night.

"If I have anything to with it, it's going to be shut down," said Gary Headrick, the co-founder of San Clemente Green.

Like Friends of the Earth, Headrick is hoping the campaign will help end San Onofre nuclear.

"Once people understand the safety issues, the problems at the plant… the exposure to risk we have," he said.

But San Diego State University professor Murray Jennex – who helped build San Onofre – feels both Hedrick and the ad are blowing things way out of proportion.

"I have tested that containment building many times and it's a very strong building," Jennex told 10News. "It will hold under any foreseeable accident analysis or accident expectation."

Southern California Edison spokeswoman Jennifer Manfre told 10News, "It is unusual and that is why we're taking it so seriously."

Manfre would not commit to saying when or if the plant would reopen. She would only say that that the utility remains committed to the health and safety of the public and their employees.

"We have committed to not returning either of these units – Unit 2 or Unit 3 – to service until we are satisfied it is safe to do so," she said.

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