Turkey survives arrow through back, chest: Residents searching for shooter

Residents concered for wild turkey's health

RAMONA, Calif. - Some Ramona-area residents are searching for a turkey and the person who shot it with an arrow.

San Diego Country Estates residents told 10News they've seen a turkey walking around with an arrow through its chest for two months. The arrow entered through the wild turkey's lower back, and witnesses said the arrow is sticking out of the bird's chest.

"Thought, 'Wow, that's a pretty feather.' It was a green-looking thing sticking out of his back and I looked closer and it was an arrow," said Terri LaSalle, who saw the turkey Wednesday morning.

A veterinarian has volunteered to fix the bird, if anyone can grab it.

LaSalle said hunting turkeys is legal with a permit but never near a residential area, which is where she's assuming the bird was shot.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department has been notified and one resident is offering a reward for information on the shooter.

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