Trolley cop takes action during 7-Eleven hold-up

SAN DIEGO - He had no jurisdiction and no back up but a trolley cop held a knife-wielding man at bay until help arrived.

Last Tuesday night, Metropolitan Transit System Enforcement Officer Clinton Cardinez was on patrol along the Blue Line in downtown San Diego.

“People came running out (of a nearby 7-Eleven) towards me…and they started saying, ‘hey, there’s a man in there, there’s a man in there.  He has a knife and he’s waving it at everybody and stuff,’” recounted Officer Cardinez.

Security video shows a man with a knife standing in front of the donuts. Cardinez approached the store’s doors but never went inside.

“I open up the door,” Cardinez said,  “And I ask him,  ‘What’s going on sir?’”

The man responded with random words.

“He wasn’t all there,” said Cardinez.  “He goes, ‘What you gonna do?’ and he took out a knife again. He took a step towards me and at that time I drew out 9 mm gun) and he said, ‘go ahead shoot me.’”

Thankfully, Cardinez was able to talk the man into surrendering peacefully.  He ordered the man down on his chest until San Diego Police arrived.

Oddly enough, the security video also shows the people inside the store never panicked. In fact, several of them continued with their purchases while the ordeal unfolded.

“Haha!” laughed Cardinez.  “I had to yell at them three times to get out of the store.”

Raw Surveillance Video

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