Trial for man accused in carjacking, shooting continued: Victim says he forgives accused shooter

Treviyon Rew to be sentenced March 5

SAN DIEGO - The trial for a man accused of carjacking a man in Imperial Beach and then shooting him nine times will be continued. 

Sean Simpson says he had been celebrating his 26th birthday and had just gotten home when he was approached by Treviyon Rew and another unidentified man.

Simpson says he was looking forward to closure on Tuesday but the case was continued. He says he forgives Rew. 

"I'd rather take the humble approach and say I forgive you," said Simpson. 

He is on the mend but takes daily medication and lives in constant pain. Simpson still has nine bullets lodged in his back that doctors were not able to remove. One is close to his spine. 

Simpson says he still has trouble shaking the memory of that night that changed his life forever. 

"It's like a dream," he said. "I remember screaming. The first two shots felt like someone punched me really hard and I can't remember the others. I just remember my legs bouncing up and down."

Simpson said he told the gunman to take his car, but he also used the word "cuz," which is a gang term for Crips, but these were rival Bloods. The word angered Rew. 

Simpson said one of the men remarked, "'All I got back was cuz? I'm a Blood.'"

Police say Rew drove off in the stolen car and then went to an Ocean Beach youth hostel, where he robbed three women at gunpoint. 

Simpson says he feels fortunate to be able to tell his story but lives with a number of physical limitations from his injuries.

"I won't be able to pick up my children when I have them someday because of the weight on my back," he said. "I'm on medication every day."

Rew was convicted of attempted murder and 12 other charges. He will be sentenced on March 5. He could face 50 years to life in prison.

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