Travelers Go Small To Save Big At Gas Pump

For many drivers, filling up the gas tank and looking at the number staring back at them makes them want to scream.

With many people spending as much as $100 for gas every week, some have found a way to spend $5 a week on gas.

"Just commuting back and forth from work I went from about $50 a week to about $6 a week," said Jessica Pyle.

Pyle recently purchased her first Vespa, a gas-powered scooter originally from Italy.

Michael Kosakowski of Vespa of San Diego said, "I looked at it and said, 'It looks like a wasp.' And that's Vespa in Italian."

These days, experts said there are more Vespas, Smart cars, electric vehicles and hybrids on the road.

"A lot more people are buying them as commuters, especially in the downtown areas," said Kosakowski.

Vespa owner Alex Corona said, "I used to pay $4, but gas prices went up so I'm paying $5 now a week."

The Vespa Corona bought last year gets 70 miles per gallon with low emissions.

Corona said, "It is cool because you just go between cars pretty much."

The scooters aren't designed for California's major highways, but not because they're unsafe. Some Vespas just have a top speed of only 65 mph.

"It doesn't go any faster unless you've got the wind behind you," said Corona.

The Vespas are small, and Corona said to be prepared to talk when at a stop.

"If anything, people ask me questions," said Corona.

Pyle said, "I've gotten the 'Hey, you look good on that scooter, can I get your number?'"

The Vespa is on the high-end of the scooter market, experts said.

Vespas cost anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000.

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