Trademark of popular chant could pay dividends for San Diego State

SAN DIEGO - The chant adopted by the U.S. soccer team at the World Cup could soon become lucrative for San Diego State, which started using the phrase several years ago. 

"It adds a lot of intensity," says Mikah Holder, an incoming SDSU student and Aztecs basketball fan.

Holder cannot get enough of the chant, "I believe that we will win!" The same goes for the entire student section at the basketball games.

Amid the fervid belief in wins, there is now a belief that the phrase will sell.        

After nearly three years, the school's attempts to trademark the phrase could become reality within months. 

The last chapter is unfolding even as the same phrase caught fire in the World Cup, adopted by the U.S. soccer team.     

Brand management experts say the broad appeal of the phrase could make it a moneymaker if SDSU owns the rights.

"If there is a global event like the Olympics or World Cup, every time that phrase might catch on with fans, it will absolutely boost apparel sales. People who want to cash in on it, will reach out to San Diego State for licensing," said Miro Copic, the founder of BottomLine Marketing.

Still, getting that trademark is no sure thing. Before SDSU, the phrase was used at schools like Navy and Utah State.

"If anybody else used this in a commercial sense prior to San Diego State, they could oppose that landmark or later cancel that trademark based on prior use," said intellectual property attorney Steve Beuerle.

Beginning July 22, anyone with objections to the trademark will have a month to challenge it.

Copic believes a trademark for SDSU will only be moderately lucrative because the U.S. soccer team's run is over and the phrase "I believe that we will win" is bit long.

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