Top cop in Chula Vista works to help out community and other officers

Police Chief has worked Christmas since 2010

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - The top cop in Chula Vista is working on this holiday to help out his officers and the community.

Chula Vista police chief David Bejarano didn't spend Christmas morning with his family so another officer could.

"That's the reason I'm here. I'm a police officer first and the chief second. I believe you should lead from the top," said Bejarano.

He started working on Christmas in 2010 when the department was understaffed and facing possible layoffs.

He kept doing it because he wants to be out on the streets.

"This is what I love doing as far as responding to radio calls and being able to support and assist other officers. This is something I love," said Bejarano.

The normally quiet Christmas morning had a steady number of calls.

"We had a suicidal incident involving a man who unfortunately lost his wife last night," said Bejarano.

Chief Bejarano said the man's wife was struck and killed in Escondido on Christmas Eve night.

CHP officers said she was walking in the road when she was hit and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bejarano said the man was not only dealing with this but another tragedy as well.

"He lost his wife last night and back in 2008 his mother was visiting here and she died on Christmas Day," said Bejarano.

Bejarano was there to make sure the man got the help he needed..

"He was committed this morning to make sure he doesn't take any drastic measures. Just simply to help him out during this difficult in his life," said Bejarano.

He said other officers also volunteered to work so their co-workers could spend Christmas with their families.

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