Top 5 Ways To Save On Back-to-School Shopping

Top 5 Ways to Save on Back-to-School Shopping:

1. Stick to your list. The list can consist of needs and wants. The needs can ideally be purchased when the sales are loss leaders or door busters - the stores take a loss to get you in, but you win if you stay disciplined. Stock up on those basic school supplies, including pencils, paper, notebooks, etc. The wants purchases can be limited to those basic items such as backpacks, shoes, and select school supplies.

2. Play the waiting game. You will notice that your kids wants list will evolve once school has started, so use that to your advantage and save most of your shopping for mid to end of September, when the real sales start.

3. Be a bargain sleuth. You will find a wealth of strategies at There are many locations to find quality clothing and school gear at a fraction of the price, such as at outlet malls, discount stores, and resale shops. If you go to the home page will direct you to the promo code to saving even and additional discount every time you shop at our favorite local resale shops! Resale shops have become very viable ways of saving up to 60% on very gently to new items!

4. Recycle clothing. Start a neighborhood clothing-swap circuit. Kids look forward to quality hand-me-downs, so it is a win-win situation.

5. Team up with other savvy shoppers! Buy bulk and share the cost with friends or family. Team up with other savings-minded folks: San Diego Bargain Mama and Friends With Class has teamed together to create bargain classes for the community, and we are excited about our upcoming class put on by Lisa Leete of Thrifty, who will show us how to save between 40 and 60% at the grocery store. Check out the SDBM home page for details.

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