Ticket bought in Allied Gardens matched wining numbers for Fantasy 5 jackpot

Numbers: 6, 21, 3, 7 and 31

SAN DIEGO - Two players hit Thursday night's Fantasy 5 jackpot of around $372,000, and one of the winning tickets was purchased at a liquor store in Allied Gardens, the state lottery announced Friday.

The local winner's ticket was purchased at Par Liquor, 5181 Waring Road, and matched the numbers 6, 21, 3, 7, and 31, according to the lottery.    The ticket holder will win a $186,031 prize. The other winner was purchased in Salinas, in Northern California.

Winners are asked to sign the back of their tickets and contact a lottery office as quickly as possible. Winners have six months to claim their prize.

State lottery officials say Fantasy 5 offers some of the best odds of any of their games.

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