Thousands take part in Cardiff Kook Run: Many dressed in costumes similar to those worn by statue

Run raised money to fix landscaping near statue

CARDIFF, Calif. -  

More than 2,000 people participated in this year's Cardiff Kook Run on Sunday to honor a Cardiff icon and raise money for a good cause.

It may look like your typical run, but if you look closely, where else will you find angels, action figures, and "Blind Refs," all in one place? Nowhere else other than the Cardiff Kook Run.

"I think it's nice for people to let loose and not worry about how they look and just have a good time," said participant Annie Siegmund.

Runners dressed in costumes similar to those worn by the bronze surfer statue known by locals as the "Cardiff Kook."

The statue is officially titled "The Magic Carpet Ride," and was erected at Cardiff By The Sea along Highway 101 in 2007. It is often the target of pranksters who dress it in various outfits.

The statue seems to celebrate nearly everything year round, which is why many like Brian Byrnes came out to the race.

"We came out to celebrate the 'Kook,'" he said. "Growing up in Carlsbad surfing my whole life… We pay tribute to the surfer out there and that's why we are in costume today."

Many of those costumes came to life at the race, which is in its second year.

As each runner crossed the finish line, many say they walked away with a little more "kookiness."

Proceeds from Sunday's run will go towards fixing the landscaping where the "Cardiff Kook" is located. The rest will go towards fixing the parks and schools in the area.

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