Thieves stealing American flags in Coronado

CORONADO, Calif. - As the Fourth of July approaches, some residents in Coronado are afraid to show their patriotism after one family's home was vandalized and their American flags were stolen.

The Buck family decorates every Fourth of July. In many neighborhoods in Coronado, it's par for the course.

However, this is the first year the family has had to put up their decorations twice. They just had hundreds of dollars worth of items - flags, bunting, chairs, and other things -- stolen on Saturday.

"It was pretty bold that they actually came right up on our porch," said Michael Buck. "All of our decorations, and this is just part of them … and we were home; that's what's even more ridiculous."

Family members heard people pull up outside, but by the time they went to check it was too late.

"We had stars and stripes, red, white and blue chairs, and they took them all," Buck said.

The family went to police, but officers told them the thefts have been happening all over the area.

Catherine Greene, who had her flag stolen, told 10News, "I was disturbed when I heard that other people in the area had some things stolen too."

Greene believes kids stole her large flag, but she can't speak for the other thefts.

"I think that the family who lives on the corner there, they had one of these wooden flags stolen too," said Greene.

While the Buck family says their new decorations won't go up until July 3, the display will make the old design seem amateur in comparison.

"They're trying to kill the spirit of [the] Fourth, and little do they know this is a very patriotic family. Not going to get us down," said Mary Buck.

The family has been spreading the word in their neighborhood using Facebook.

They believe the vandals used a golf cart to make a quick getaway.

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