Thieves steal The Fields Church mobile audio system days before Easter service

The 'sermon will go on' at Carlsbad Flower Fields

CARLSBAD, Calif. - A North County church is scrambling days before its Easter service after thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of sound equipment.

It is estimated that 1,200 people attended last year's Easter services at The Fields Church in Carlsbad. 

Easter is one of the most important days on the Christian calendar and marks the celebration of the resurrection of Christ.

This year's upcoming service, though, became problematic. The Fields Church is mobile. It hauled its audio equipment around in a storage trailer until last Sunday.

Church intern Steven Tarpley drove the trailer to their worship site and parked. 

"When we went to pull open the doors, we realized the lock had been cut off and that all of our sound equipment was no longer there," he told 10News.

The trailer was almost stripped clean. About $10,000 to $15,000 worth of equipment –including an audio board, microphones and speakers – was gone.

The congregation carried on, though. 

Pastor David Fandey told 10News, "We said, 'Well, nothing's going to keep us from continuing to worship so we had both services unplugged.' God blessed me with a set of vocal chords so I was able to project loud in the auditorium."

He said they first did something that might surprise a few people.

"One of the first things we did is we prayed as a church for the people who took the equipment," Fandey said.

He is thinking it might not end there.

"The way God works… He's ironic sometimes," he said. "It would be awesome if these people saw our name on our sound equipment, went to our website, heard the Gospel or even better yet, came to the celebration on Sunday and heard the Gospel and experienced the forgiveness we're celebrating on Sunday."

This year's service should be similar to last year's. The church is renting extra audio equipment and some other churches have offered to lend assistance.

They said they will hold their service at 6:30 Sunday morning rain or shine, thieves or no thieves. 

No arrests have been made.

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