Thief steals $900 worth of beauty cream from CVS in Chula Vista

Chula Vista - The beauty cream industry is big business and a police sergeant says a thief who robbed a CVS Pharmacy on East H Street in Chula Vista may also be trying to cash in.

"He went to the cosmetics aisle, he pulled a grey plastic bag from his pocket and he began to fill facial creams right into the plastic bag and then ran out the store," said Chula Vista police Sgt. Miriam Byron.

The thief was in and out in less than two minutes with $900 worth of facial cream and moisturizers.

"What these criminals will do is try to return the items back to the store for store credit or they'll sell them at local swap meets," said Byron. "They could take it anywhere and try to resell it. If they go south of the border and stock it on the shelves, there is no way to know or even be able to track it."

They can also sell the stolen goods online. 10News found countless creams on eBay at prices far cheaper than drugstores.

Byron said there was a similar theft at the Vons on Otay Lakes Road last August. A man loaded an entire grocery cart full of beauty cream – $2,000 worth – and then just rolled out of the store with it.

There is an ugly side to the beauty cream thefts.

"The consumer pays for this in the end when the prices are raised due to the loss," said Byron.

Police cannot say if the two thefts are connected but the suspect descriptions are clearly different.

This man is described in this case is a Hispanic in his late 20s or early 30s. Anyone who recognizes him or knows anything about the incident is asked to call Chula Vista police.

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