Thief pretending to be with charity caught on camera stealing Christmas presents

SAN DIEGO - A thief pretending to be with a 10News-sponsored charity to feed the hungry was caught on camera stealing Christmas presents.

Christine Summers called 10News after recording video of the man swiping a package from her front porch. The video shows the man sticking a flier in the door before putting the package in his bag and walking off.

The flier promotes the "Month of a Million Meals,"  an event that 10News is sponsoring with Feeding America San Diego.

"He's using this to go from home to home," said Summers. "I guess he steal people's Christmas presents."

Feeding America San Diego was stunned to hear what happened. 10News asked their spokesperson about the theft during a phone drive at the 10News studios on Tuesday. They are convinced the man swiped the fliers from one of the drop-off locations at a local grocery store like Ralphs.

Summers said, "For somebody to take advantage of this organization … to use it to go door-to-door and steal from people, it puts a nasty spin on it."

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