That free Comic-Con stuff could be worth money

SAN DIEGO - If you got any of those freebies being passed out at Comic-Con last weekend, don't throw them away because those promotional items may be worth a small fortune.

"This is gold," said San Diego State University marketing professor Miro Copic as he looked over a table full of the free items. "Authentic stuff from Comic-Con is invaluable."

Some of the free items people nabbed while walking in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter include foam promotions for the film "Sharknado 3," red contact lenses promoting the TV show "Teen Wolf" and yellow folding chairs from MTV. Some of those items are being sold on eBay.

The yellow MTV chairs are going for as much as $30, while the "Teen Wolf" contacts are going for $60.

Copic wasn't shocked at the items being up for sale, and he told 10News the companies being promoted keep winning.

"This stuff goes from one person to another and it reinforces the brand and marketing message of superheroes, villains, anybody else in this kind of Comic-Con universe," said Copic.

Copic said he expected the items to be hot commodities on eBay for at least a few weeks as collectors try to get their hands on the freebies.

Check out some of the freebies that are on eBay:

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