Teens to take the stage at Eastlake High School, speak out against bullying

Girls to share their personal experiences

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - Some local high school students are taking a unique approach in addressing the problem of bullying.

This Sunday, as part of the "Modeling for a Dream" show at Eastlake High School, 50 South Bay teenagers will take a deep breath, walk out on stage in front of the family, friends and peers, and say they were bullied.

The event raises money for Blue Ribbon week, a nationwide anti-bullying and suicide awareness campaign.

"I remember telling my mom I was 'tired of the tomorrows,'" said eighth grader Amy Russell. "I felt like giving up."

Russell and two other teens spoke to 10News reporter Joe Little about being tormented by their classmates.

"I went through cyber-bullying," said Russell.

Eastlake High School sophomore Ana Bucardo said, "I had an accent so I got really bullied for that."

"I came out that I was bi [bisexual] and that didn't go over well with everybody," said November Kiahtipes, also a sophomore at Eastlake High.

The three young ladies will take the stage Sunday to share their stories and read poems about their experiences. Some will even serve as models during the show.

The idea came after Steven Liu, a student at nearby Otay Ranch High School, killed himself outside of the school. His death scarred many of his classmates.

"I'm putting myself out there," said Kiahtipes. "I'm putting myself vulnerable, but I'm doing that just in case it could save someone's life."

"It's about making a difference to the community," said Bucardo.





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