Teens Arrested In Alleged Kidnapping Of Elderly Woman

La Mesa Woman, 75, Found Beaten In Trunk During Stop

Deputies who stopped a driver for a running a red light on an East County road Wednesday found a 75-year-old apparent kidnapping victim bound and battered in the vehicle, a sheriff's official said.

Deputies pulled over the station wagon shortly after it went through a red light at Second Street and Greenfield Drive in El Cajon just before 12:30 a.m, Lt. Dennis Brugos said.

After stopping on nearby Tangerine Street, the driver and a front-seat passenger got out and ran, Brugos said. A deputy gave chase but lost sight of the two young men.

During the foot pursuit, the deputy radioed El Cajon police and asked for officers to check out a female passenger he'd seen in the station wagon.

When police arrived, they found her in the rear of the vehicle, Brugos said.

With help from a helicopter crew, the male passenger who fled the traffic stop was soon in custody. He was identified as Luis Osborne, 18, police said.

Deputies later arrested Antoinette Baker of El Cajon and Jeffrey Nelson of Lakeside, both 19, in connection with the alleged kidnapping, the lieutenant said.

The woman found in the car, whose name is being withheld, told investigators she had bought a vacuum cleaner from one of the suspects. About 9 p.m. Monday, he returned to her La Mesa-area home and asked to use her telephone.

Once inside, the man overpowered the woman and took her captive, Brugos said.

"From Monday evening until she was rescued, the particular sequence and extent of the (crimes) are unknown and currently being investigated," the lieutenant said.

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