Teen who says she was bullied, harassed will appear on 'Katie'

'Katie' talk show to focus on bullying

SAN DIEGO - A local teen who said she was bullied so much that she ended up leaving her school, will now tell her story Tuesday on the talk show "Katie"

Katie Uffens, a former Westview High School cheerleader, will appear as a guest in Katie Couric's talk show to discuss bullying.

After Katie Uffens first told 10News about being bullied in school and students creating a "Kill Katie Klub" or "KKK", her story went national.

"Nobody was there to stand behind me," said Katie Uffens.

The 16-year-old was interviewed by ABC's Good Morning America and her story was told on numerous websites across the country.

Couric will sit down with Katie Uffens to talk to her about her experience and why she left her school.

"She was told this club was forming and obviously it was so upsetting, she felt like she had to leave school," said Couric. "I think it's the headline of the story.

After Katie Uffens first talked to 10News, she said she received threatening phone calls and harassing messages online.

Police arrested two teens including Nick Aguirre. Nick, who refuted Katie Uffens' version of events, also spoke with 10News.

"Basically what I said to one of my friends was Kill Katie Klub, but we never had any intention to actually hurt anybody," he said.

Both Aguirre and another teen face misdemeanor charges for placing harassing phone calls.

The interview with Katie Uffens and her mother airs Tuesday at 4 p.m. on ABC 10.

At 5 p.m., 10News will talk to one of her accused bully, Nick Aguirre, to learn about his side of the story.

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